Monday, May 26, 2008

Zane Trace Inn

Karen & I were invited to a crop at Zane Trace Inn in Somerset, OH this week-end. Most everyone else there (there were only 11 of us) works at Cord. But several couldn't make it, so Becki asked Karen & me to fill some spaces. It was a totally different experience as it was so small, held at a restored historical inn, and wasn't part of a store or anything. It was a really nice, relaxing time, though. The little town is beautiful, and the best part was walking around it with Karen. The weather was beautiful! And it's one of those places where people actually talk to you...unlike where I live where people just look down their noses at you!
As I said, I didn't get a lot of scrapping done,and I haven't even unpacked them to scan. Karen did the best Rusty Pickle album about her dog!
But here are some photos of the town & the event.

Civil War General Phillip Henry Sheridan was raised in Somerset. This is the only equestrian Civil War statue in Ohio. The Somerset courthouse, the first one built in Perry county, in 1829.
The town is one of brick sidewalks, old buildings, horse tie-ups, and park benches. We really loved it!
The Inn is a restored historical home. The owners restored it to accommodate scrappers, although it is also a bed & breakfast.
The Inn is owned & operated by the Eyerman's, who ensure that your every need is taken care of. It is really beautiful and comfortable. The food was awesome, especially the hand made pizza! Even my picky vegetarian palate was well-satisfied!Here are Becki & Jen from the local Cord.

And here are all the scrappers -
This was a truly unique experience. If you are in Ohio or West Virginia and have 11 other scrapping friends, this is a wonderful place to spend the week-end!

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Donna said...

Hey, I grew up just about 30 minutes from there. You should go back when they have the Backwoods Fest in the fall. Hope you had fun driving around that statue of Sheridan.