Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I'm puttering around, and putting some of my layouts into albums. I've run across some that I haven't shared, so I thought I'd post them here.

Here's Cookie resting on her favorite blanket on our bed.
This one is much nicer than it scanned. If I had a large format scanner, you'd see that it is full piece of scalloped bazzil resting on a beautiful piece of KI (I think it's KI). Anyway, this is the statue that guards Holly's ashes. It's under the lilac brush in the front yard, where we can see her every day.
This is a layout from Mega Meet. The pictures were taken at my brother's house in 1991.

Some old pictures of Karen playing in the backyard. She's baking with her sand. She still loves to back, but with much better ingredients now! And she's very good at it!

When we went to Disney, we discovered that Karen shares a rather annoying trait with me: we have the type of blood sugar that suddenly plummets, making us weak and cranky. Here she is, being rescued by sugar and carbs.

A series of photos of Frankie, trying to avoid the camera. She's sitting on the back of Gary's chair, one of her favorite perches.

Christmas 1985. Karen got a hand-made rocking horse for Christmas that year and loved it!
Karen & I at one of our crops. This is the one where we were totally snowed in all week-end!
Karen and her best friend, Julie. This was taken when Karen was a junior & Julie was a senior. They've been friends since Karen was a Freshman. Hard to believe they're both married & Julie has a baby!
Wow! I was more productive/creative than I thought! And I still have more from this past week-end! But they'll have to wait. I'm really tired of scanning!

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