Sunday, April 06, 2008

Spring is in the air...

... and in my sinuses! That's okay, though! I 'd rather have a sneezy runny nose and be able to see the sunshine, than to shivering with the snow!

This week-end we've been scrapping and chatting up a store over at Bad Girls. I've done only 2 layouts, and quite, frankly, I'm not that thrilled with them. But here they are anyway.
The challenge here was to do a page for our BOM and list random facts equal to your age. So there...on that white sheet of paper...tucked into that little library pocket...are 60 random things about yours truly!
This one does look better IRL. (But don't they all?) Gary got that puzzle ring for Christmas and fiddled with it till he could put it together! The challenge was to use old paper, new paper, 3 flowers, and 5 buttons. So I did! Old Daisy D's & brand spankin' new Archaic from Basic Grey!

I won this pattern recently and got the yarn yesterday to make the Market bag. Isn't it beautiful? The colors are so yummy. I can't wait to get it started (and finished) but I'm also a little afraid, as I've never felted anything before.

And THEN, I ordered some Amy Butler fabric, too. I have one of her patterns...for a bag...go figure... I got 2 pieces from her newer Midwestern Modern line: Fresh Poppies Fuschia & Garden Maze Sand. On the "wall" they appear to match (the pattern is for a reversible bag). I also got a pattern for a long skirt, Bohemian style. I'm hoping I can make it long enough so that it covers the lymphodema.

Cosmo Cricket has a new website, Miss Paper Jane. I picked up the Dutch Girl special and had it shipped to Karen. I thought it was a pretty good deal and CC is one of those companies whose paper never goes out of style or gets boring (like Basic Grey!). I wonder if they'll have deals like that all the time?

Today is registration for the August getaway at Sugar Creek. This could be an interesting one, as Kelli's baby is due around Labor Day. And you know how babies have their own way of showing up in their own time. BTW, this is a popular event, and sells out really quickly, so if you want to attend, be here at 6 PM on the dot to sign up.

Karen and Josh have fallen victim to the wonderful Republican economy. Not being "rich" people, Josh will be out of a job as of June 14. The B.Dalton where he works will be closing. I'm sure he'll get a job by then, but I'm also sure it will probably be for minimum wage (7 big bucks here in Ohio). So now Karen is looking for a 2nd full time job. She's already teaching and tutoring on the side. But if they don't want to lose their apartment, she has little choice. I know they'll be okay, but still, it just makes me so angry! Airlines are closing, mills and factories are moving to foreign countries, retail stores are closing, people are losing their houses, and King George still insists that the country is in fine shape! Am I bitter? No, I'm not bitter. I'm pissed! Well, I know I've lost my liberal friends already...what can I say? It sucks to not be of the privileged class in this country!

Well, Karen's on her way over and we're going to watch Sweeny Todd. Nothing like a little Johnny to brighten the day!


Jeanette said...

I think your layouts are really great!!!

Rachel Tops AKA "Doodlebug4444" said...

I LOVED reading this post LINDA! I love your LOs too... aren't we always so hard on ourselves huh? May i ask if one of them was made with a Jenni Bowlin kit perhaps?? LOL


Bethany Kartchner said...

Your LOs are great! And have fun felting. I did my first purse last year and it turned out great! It is amazing what a bit of hot water will do!