Friday, March 14, 2008

People have been visiting my blog...

...and not finding anything new. I'm really sorry. I've just lazy, I guess. I've been pretty busy, tired and not feeling the best.
Last week-end, Karen and I went to a getaway. Now if you know I'm from Ohio, you know what that meant! Snow...lots of it...and we were on the easy end of the storm! I started fretting Thursday night, because I hate hate hate to drive on the bad roads. So Gary (sweet man) said he'd drive me and then pick me up. Karen said Josh would drive her so we didn't have to wait. The ride was slippery, but we got there in a little over an hour. Unloaded, ate a good Amish lunch, and then Gary headed home. The worrying began. I knew I'd be a mess until he got home, Josh and Karen got to the event, and Josh got back home. Gary called and I was surprised he was home so quickly. Well, he wasn't home. He had come up a line of traffic stopped behind several semis would could not make it up a hill. So he had to turn around, come all the way back to Columbiana, and go home the long way. Two hours later, he called - home safe & sound. Karen and Josh arrived shortly thereafter. Kids are fearless, so she was all bubbly and happy. Josh got home safe and we were hunkered in to scrap our way through the storm! We sate with the nicest people and had a blast. Next AM, we had breakfast and I took an anti-biotic (the UTI monster had struck again!). These hadn't made me sick before, so I was surprised that I had to spend an hour in bed. Felt better. Josh came for lunch so joined them. Ate. Felt sick again. Stayed in bed till 5 PM! But the rest of the time we had a blast! Kelly announced that she is pregnant (thank goodness! I've known since January and couldn't tell anyone but Karen! How hard was that!?), so that made the atmosphere that much more fun. Gary came to pick us up Sunday PM. By then there was about 18" of snow, but the roads were clear. It took me till today to finally start feeling good. I haven't even taken out the layouts I did! I'll do that later and get them scanned to share. I wish I could share the great stuff Karen did! She made the cutest 6x6 accordion album for her friend Julie who had a little boy in Jan. She also did some awesome layouts!

Willow Traders is having a month long 3-year anniversary party. Every day a different kit club is sponsoring games and challenges. It is a blast and there are some great things being given away! Stop over for some fun. I've been reading but yesterday was the first I decided to actually do anything. So I played bingo (tied to win...YAY!) and made some cards.

Tuesday I had a dr's appt so decided to shop afterwards. Ended up with lots of goodies, one of which is one of these. I know, I know, I have a big rolling tote. But as I was unpacking all the little tote bags I drag along, I thought that probably a 2nd tote would be a reasonable investment. When the clerk at M's offered me her 40% off coupon (we don't get them in our paper out here in the boonies), I decided it was an omen and bought it. Also got another one of these. The first one I bought was all wonky and didn't shine a straight beam. So I thought I'd give it a 2nd chance. 2nd one works fine!

I ordered one of these. It's okay. I just don't think it's sturdy enough to warrant the price. But it did get paint brushes, ribbon, and pictures "to be scrapped" off the desk. Which made room for my new Tonic guillotine. It's the one that breaks down, only because that's the one they carry at Pat Catan's. I now have 3 different Tonic trimmers. They are the best trimmer out there, IMHO!

For those of you who have slogged through all this...thanks for listening! I'll post again as soon as I get those layouts scanned!

PS. The picture at the top? Gary got a new cell phone that takes pictures. It's our first one. He's become a monster with it. I now run when I see it in his hand. However, I thought that picture may explain why I haven't been blogging. I've been busy...


C70 said...

Sounds like you've been really busy!!! So sorry you were sick during your crop. Can't wait to see your new pages!

Those are beautiful cards!!

Lovin' your new goodies! That laser beam looks interesting :) I'm also a Tonic fan!

Christine (pink lemonade)

Jeanette said...

Ok girlfriend, you have been TAGGED , check out my blogs for details !