Sunday, March 16, 2008

Interesting tag

These usually don't interest me much any more, but this one is new to me. I was tagged by Jeannette, a fellow bad girl. You have to post a fact that starts with each letter of your middle name. Then you tag a person for each letter. If you don't have a middle name, use your maiden name. So here's mine:

J - Jello creeps me out. That fact that it's a form of aspic which is processed from hooves, just makes me want to gag! It's true! Read a Julia Child cookbook. So the only way I'll eat Jello is if it has pretzels and lots of whipped cream so that it doesn't resemble jello. (Or if I'm blind-folded with my hands tied behind my back)

A - Gary and I went to Atlanta, Georgia for our honeymoon. To let you know how long ago that was, we went to a very fancy Russian restaurant called Nikolai's. You know, the kind where you don't get a menu. They just tell you what they have. When we got the bill, Gary was appalled. The total for the 2 of us was $50.00! LOL! That was SO much money for a meal 30 years ago

N - I love NHL hockey! Something about sweaty men on skates...

E - I start each day checking my e-mail. That and all my message boards. Oh, and I check my bank balance, too. What did I do without a computer!?

Okay...I'm tagging Rachel (who has all the time in the world right now!), Julie S. (so that you update your blog!), the other Rachel (who is such a Bad Girl!), and Shirley.

Thanks, girls!


Jan Scholl said...

You don't have to eat Jello anymore. There are non-animal ways to make that same dish and the ingredients are available at most well stocked grocery stores-or try a health food store. I use agar agar-I eat nothing that has ever had eyeballs. Interesting that when I was in the hospital and they wondered why I would not eat, (apparently chicken broth is a vegetable) I had to educate the nutritionist they sent in about jello. I ended up having my daughter brind food from home.

iris said...

LOL! I enjoyed reading this. I share "E" with you:)

Jen said...

I love the fact you don't like Jello! It makes me feel better because I hate the stuff too.

~Shirley said...

too funny about the Jell-O, Ds's g/f has a weird phobia about Jell-o too!

I am getting on this tagging tonight! Thanks!!

Love all the layouts and pretties on your blog!

Hope you have been well! Congrats pn 30 years!!