Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sheetload, TTT, Knitting, and Celtic Music

I've posted about this great blog before, but in case you missed it, and if you need to make more than one card at a time, check it out here. I am one who really dislikes making the same card over and over. BUT, with these great little zines, it is easy and fun! I needed to make birthday cards for a swap, so I pulled up the latest copy of Sheetload and went to town. I made 8 cards in less time than it took to watch Pierrepoint (which, if you want to ponder the history of the UK & capital punishment, you really should watch it. Excellent English film!). Here's one -

Pretty cute, huh?

I also decided to do a challenge they're having over at Transparent Touches & Tags.
It's called "Using Your Stash in a Flash". Who of us doesn't have lots (and lots) of stash to use up? The first challenge was to use a song as the inspiration for your layout. Then there were 3 mini-challenges to go along with it. Here's what I came up with - Big surprise! It's a wedding layout!

I also finally decided to teach my self to knit. I've tried this before and failed miserably. But my friends Aggie & Julie chat it up so much that I need to try it. Besides, yarn is almost as yummy as paper & fabric! I have a little corner here that needs filled with stash, so why not yarn? I mean, how much room could it take up. So anyway, I decided on a scarf. Already had the needles and lots of yarn, so picked out a pretty homespun. Bad idea. It's pretty hard to knit with when your tension is...well...tense! So I switched to a plain worsted, and it seems to be going well. I may actually have a pretty scarf that doesn't match a thing by the time spring gets here. My goal is this great felted purse that Julie already made. Isn't it yummy?

It seems that one of the cats is a Celt, too! I tend to play Celtic music a lot. I mean real Celtic music: pipes, drum, fiddle, waulking music, the whole deal. Well, today every time a song with pipes came on Frankie (the cat who only wants Gary's lap), came running over and jumped on my lap. I would send her away and she'd be content till the next pipe tune came on and she was back! She's a strange one...Now I'm listening to The Duhks, so she's settled back in her chair.


crafty al said...

Thanks for the shout-out to SheetLoad on your post! :)
Glad it could help you get some cards done, quickly.

baronreads said...

Cute card! Do I get one of those??

And I love the bling on the wedding layout! BEAUTIFUL! TFS

Anonymous said...

You know I love your TTT layout...glad you are playing along!