Tuesday, February 05, 2008

No idea for a title

Just thought I should blog for those one or two people who do read it. (of course that's pure speculation. No one ever leaves any feedback...so maybe no body reads it. Hellllooooo out there.......) I'm not feeling all that well. sort of sore throat. tired. my teeth hurt (what does THAT mean?). Oh well...

I just saw something on the news about a woman who had her beer buckled with the seat belt in the front and her toddler in the back with no baby seat or seat belt. Some people should jsut have their children taken away on the spot! What the hell! Things like that just make me shake my head!

Super Tuesday...this year I'm actually mildly interested because we can finally come out from under the iron uncaring hand of the republican regime. the fiscally responsible republicans. Right. I'll be lucky if I can buy food for the rest of the year, let alone put gas int he car.
We vote here in Ohio in March. Hilary or Barrack? Barrack or Hillary? Still weighing the options.

Okay. I seem to be rambling. Let me see what I've done creatively lately that I haven't shared.

First of all, for those of you who know me, you know that Gary does most of the cooking. But when I cooks, I cooks pretty!

Here are some layouts from the last crop we went to.
Here's another one done with the February Scrap Treasures kit -

This project I started last summer at Archivers. I finally finished it and gave it to Karen.

did this one for a challenge at Scrap Treasures.

And I finally finished the mini-album about my favorite Christmas ornaments. These are just a few of the pages.

Oh, and a plug for one of my very favorite on line stores: One Hundred Wishes. Andrea closed for a few months to have her adorable baby boy. She opened yesterday and the stampede to buy her beauteous things crashed her server! I placed my order today. Stop by today if you have a minute!


Jan Scholl said...

pizza looks yummy-minus beef and substiture baked tofu. and now I am hungry at 1 AM. stay warm. Pretty nasty here in Michigan.

~Kammie~ said...

well Linda, I am one of your other readers--I always check out your blog, BUT I am bad about commenting on anyones blog--I am your typical blog-lurker LOLOLOL BUT I will make a conscience effort to start commenting to know that you are truly loved!

BTW, I am the Gold Canyon girl, Shirley's friend, remember me!

Andi said...

I'm another reader, and I tend to be a blog lurker. ;) I love all the layouts and projects you posted. I'm also contemplating who I'm going to vote for. Our primary is next week. I'm more than mildly interested in what's going on. I am SO ready for a change.

Anonymous said...

scuse me, but I DO read your blog and I DO comment from time to time! Yours is the one I keep up with because you're always keeping up with it! Good girl! See ya round like a donut! ;)