Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Back to Normal!

Well, now that the wedding frenzy is officially over, I feel like I'm somewhat back to normal. And now my eyes are open to some definitely neglect suffered during the entire process!

Which means...the garden is so full of weeds! Especially these huge thistle that are currently going to seed! So I waged war with some of them today until it became 84 degrees and sweat was in my eye. That's where I draw the line...sweat in my eye!

Which means...the house is a wreck! There is dust everywhere. And those webby things. The kitchen is a wreck; there are unread magazines all over the living room and bedroom. My scrap nook surely must have suffered a tornado!

BUT...I stayed up last night to stalk kits, which is always fun. I didn't buy anything but the add-ons to the Bad Girl kit (I already have a sub..smooches to Wendy!). I'm not too jazzed about this month's Jenni Bowlin. It's a really nice kit, but the colors don't speak to me. I keep going back to see if she has any new stuff in her store. She always has the coolest little things! Now I'm in secondary stalk mode for a supplementto this month's Scrapologie kit. Scroll all the way down to the Nature's Notebook kit. I know it's horribly expensive but the next little bit of news will justify that.

I sold my Wishblade! After all those years of coveting one, I get one and really don't like it! Too much fiddling involved. So I put it on eBay and got a very decent price for it! I'm just not an electronic die cut machine type of girl. Just wait, something new will come out and I'll have it!

So with part of that windfall, I bought printer #3. This one is the Epson R380 Photo Printer. I used my settlement money, so got another $45 off! Good deal. Huge printer, though. I haven't finished installing it yet. But I will later and I'm sure I'll be happy with it. I still love my little original Picture Mate, and until they come out with a portable printer that prints up to 5x7 at least, I'll still use it for on-the-go printing.

As I was writing this, I just got a call from the kids. They found a dog at the pound, so I guess I'll have a grand-dog here soon. Funny how things work out. They were looking for something very small, male, black pug or Boston Terrier type. Ended up falling in love with a brindle female medium sized lab mix! But she's a pound dog, so they saved her life, which is the most important thing.

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