Monday, July 16, 2007

Wedding Week Countdown - 5 days, 3 hours, 12 minutes

And the crisis is upon us already.

The stylist quit.

The one who did our hair last Tuesday.

She just called the salon Friday...and quit!

I am pissed beyond words! And appalled. And...I don't know what else! Of course, I cried before I had to tell Karen. She didn't cry when I told her, but I don't know if she is now or not. Could she really be that rational? Her comment: it's just another thing that has to be done this week.

Fortunately, the salon called us today and we worked out an appointment for another stylist to give her a test-do on of charge. This one was there Tuesday, so remembers the style...and I have those pictures. And there will be enough stylists to do everyone's hair the day of the wedding.

I'm banking on the fact that this is all that's going to go wrong!


Rachel said...

Oh my goodness! I've got my fingers crossed that you like the stylist you see on Wednesday and that this is the crisis of the week and it goes smooth sailing from here on out!


Carolyn said...

Oh no!!!!! I hope that is the worst thing that happens this week.

baronreads said...

THE NERVE of her!! I can't believe she didn't even MENTION the possibility to you!! UGH! She obviously has never been married and known the importance of everything going smoothly! I'm SURE the new stylist will do a GREAT job! And maybe she can even help you with figuring out a way to keep the veil on with MORE THAN ONE comb! Take a deep breath, and some of those pills! It's gonna be FINE!!