Monday, July 09, 2007

12 days...a little bling and a lot of tears

Well, let's see...where was I the last time I updated the merry-go-round of wedding planning.

My dress fits and is ready for The Day. My problem is, this time of year the lympedema is at it's worst. I'm pumping twice a day and wearing bandages and stockings all the time, even though it is well over ninety degrees. All I want are fairly normal looking legs for the pictures. Not sausages overstuffed into little shoes! Speaking of shoes, I solved the comfort problem with a pair of Crocs Primas in silver for the reception. They actually look pretty darned cute. I have jewelry, too, so I guess I'm set.

Rhinesstones & silver crocsKleenex holderYes, I have 3 pairs of earrings to choose from!

Karen and I went to the salon for our test run on the make-up. Yikes! Glad we did that. Mine wasn't bad. A little thick for my taste, but I could live with it. Poor Karen, however! We got into the sunlight, and she was orange! And there was such a stark difference between her face and her chest. The lipstick was way too dark. It looked okay, but it just wasn't her. And to top things off, she cried and ended up with rivulets on her face! So we've both placed Sephora orders and will be doing our own make-up the day of.

Before (or Not Orange)After (or Orange)

On the fourth we had a blast baking. We laughed our butts off while we whipped up 4 different batches of dough. We also sat down with all the RSVP's and put together the seating. After she left I baked the kolache and cut one for sampling. I'm always amazed at how good these turn out because I think they're sort of hard to make!

Peanut Butter & a SongBarefoot Baking

Baking AidsInto the oven!
Other little things are taken care of (or almost). Only 18 people can sit inside the gazebo during the ceremony. So I made up little cards to send out to the people we've chosen so they can give them to the ushers. Also did a fancy list to put by the registry book directing people to their tables.

Probably the best things that's happened is that the bridal attendants' dresses are in! They actually came in earlier than we expected after their royal frack-up! That's such a relief for everyone.

I spent a good part of yesterday crying while picking out processional music. Not sure how I'm going to get through the day!

Tomorrow is hair day. They'll practice an up-do with Karen's veil and I'm getting dyed and highlighted.

I found this in a local consignement shop. Isn't it just the best!?

And for those who still don't believe...yes, he rocks the Dyson!


Rachel said...

I LOVE those silver crocs!!!!

Carolyn said...

Love the crocs and the bling, Linda! I was getting emotional just reading the entry so I can't imagine how you're feeling as *the* day gets oh so close. ((hugs))

Cracker Scraps said...

Love the shoes! Gotta have some!