Thursday, June 21, 2007

XANAX take me away....

The wedding is one month from today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to

get my dress altered (still waiting for my underwear to arrive!)
bake cookies
finish the favors
follow up on RSVP's
meet with the reception facility for the final time
decide where everyone is going to sit and make the place cards...or whatever we decide to do
make an emergency box for the wedding day
do a trial run with hair and make-up (fortunately, these appointments are made!)
I still have caterer questions
decide where we're going to eat the day after the wedding (we have out of town guests whom we won't be seeing for a year and a half after the wedding)
pay all the bills
whiten my teeth (yes, that's what I said!)
take dance lessons, or at least practice in the livingroom
but Helen Freed's about the attendants' dresses
get a basket for the cameras & make a little sign for the tables telling them what to do with the cameras
get a card box

So...what did I forget? This of course doesn't include all the things Karen and Josh have to do that I'm not involved with.

So why the hell am I sitting here in my robe at the computer?!?!?!


WriterGirl said...

LInda, I soooo feel your pain!!! Definitely bring on the XANAX! LOL!

Rachel said...

Don't get overwhelmed by that list Linda. Just figure out what you need to do next....and work on that one thing.

You've got a month girl. A busy month, but still a month. Save the Xanax for when it's down to a week!!!! ROFL