Saturday, June 30, 2007

Three weeks from today...or, body armor, gremlins, and baked goods

Seems that some things were accomplished this week. We took my dress to be fitted (yes, the body armor arrived and I chose something that isn't going to impair my breathing. However, going to the bathroom will be a challenge!). It's going to look so much better.

Found some cool jewelry at a store named Monkey Biz. I didn't buy it then, but I think I'll end up with it. And I hope they don't mind if I take some pictures while I'm there as they have the coolest stuff in the world! I am currently coveting a pirate bracelet. Yes, it's an open cuff with a rhinestone studded skull! I could pretend I am Grace O'Malley.

Found all the recipes for the cookies. Well, actually it wasn't that easy. I found the Martha Stewart magazine with the Linzer Tarts on the cover, but, of course, when I made them for Valentine's day, I tore out the page. And I have no idea what I did with it. Strangely enough, the rolling pin also disappeared with that foray into baking, so I'm thinking it wasn't me. I'm sure it was the kitchen gremlins! But, ever resourceful, I went to the library and found the copy and no one tore the page out of theirs! Then Big Karen found the old (old, old) book with the kolachi recipe, as well as our notes from when we used to get together to bake them. This was before Karen was born. There were 3 of us and several bottles of wine and we made the best kolachi in town (and nary an Italian or a Slovak in the bunch - 2 Irishmen and an African American!). The other fairly odd thing about the book is that it belonged to our ex-MIL! (Big Karen and I were married to brothers at one time...but that's a whole other life!). And they are recipes from her mother and grandmother, so they are old, old, old. The pages are brown and some are crumbling, so I'm going to copy the whole book before I give it back. I think it will be a future scrap project.

After we found all the recipes, we went to the grocery store and bought most of the ingredients. Still need to get walnuts from Sam's...and a rolling pin. Karen and I have discovered that we peruse the alcohol aisles in the grocery store like some people peruse the chocolate aisle! She can't resist good wine and I can't resist good beer. So we added Apple Pucker, some kind of wine, pre-mixed strawberry margaritas, and Great Lakes Holy Moses Pale Ale to the cart. Now the cookies will be good, not matter what!

I found a basket for the cameras and picked up one sheet of cardstock and more candy to finish the favors. (Note to anyone making wedding favors: don't make them from chocolate. Or else, buy 3 times as much as you'll need!) I actually left Cord having spent under $5!

And probably the most important thing: we found a restaurant for Sunday brunch! Harry & Jean's. It's in Canfield, so will be easy for everyone to get on the turnpike to return home. I'll finish those favors and maybe bake a batch of cookies. I need to make a list of the piddly little errands that need done that I keep putting off (like returning the rest of the body armor to Penny's). Next week, Karen, Josh and I have the final meeting at the gardens scheduled. That will tie up a lot of loose ends an answer a lot of questions. I also pick up my dress and I'll buy the jewelry. Then Karen and I have a trial run with the girls who will be doing our make-up for the wedding.

No new photos or LO's this week, so how about if I leave you with a "taste" of what we're baking? Enjoy!

Pecan Linzers, but I call them Martha cookies.

Peanut Blossoms - one of Josh's favorites

Peanut Butter Cup Dreams - way too yummy!
Kolachi - but mine are much more packed with nuts (or apricot!)


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