Saturday, April 28, 2007

This and that...

...Rachel tagged me - now I feel obligated to blog some! You'd think with this wedding and all, I'd be doing it every day. Truth is, I'm just really too lazy! I've always been a rotten diarist. Well, I was great up until the time my mother read my college diary and I got in really big trouble.....But that was in a faraway land in another time!

Everything appears to be coming together for the wedding. Seems like everyday I think of something new that needs to be done or at least thought about. Poor Karen! I'm trying to leave her alone this week-end. She hasn't been sleeping and I think she's just so emotionally overwhelmed! Poor kid! But next week we have to make a decision about chairs. Yes, chairs. It ends up that the ones at the banquet center are very ugly side chairs. Looks like they came from someones old office! And they are an odd shape so can't be covered. So we're renting white "garden chairs". And I'm also wrestling with what to do about place cards.

And then there's the rehearsal dinner. Marilyn has offered to pay for it, which is great. She mentioned Olive Garden. You don't (IMHO) go to Olive Garden for a rehearsal dinner. They don't have a separate room and we would all be so rushed to get out of there. You know how they move customers through like cattle! So Josh is going to talk to her today to try to see what else she has in mind. I guess I really shouldn't worry about it!

On a more fun note, I've started going to Karen's classroom every Thursday and making scrapbook pages with her kids. What fun so far. We've done 2: Easter & Halloween. We bought them each their own 8x8 album and they put their pages in every week when they're finished. Here are the first 2. I blacked out the face for confidentiality reasons.

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