Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

We celebrate on Christmas Eve here, so today is a "day of rest" (and a wee hang-over!).

This is the first year Karen hasn't lived at home. Although that is sad for me sometimes, this celebration was so special for me! It was fun to see packages under the tree with paper I'd not purchased. And to see her come through the door, arms loaded down with bags and packages, flushed, shouting "Merry Christmas"...that was the best. She was so upbeat and excited the entire evening. When it was all over she didn't want to go home. She said "This is so much fun, I don't want it to be over. I look forward to this all year!" That just made my heart burst! I think we've actually established a family tradition!

Dinner was the usual: a nice thick steak for Josh, King Crab legs for Karen, stuffed lobster tails and scallops for Gary and me. Accompanied by champagne, shrimp cocktail, and baked potatoes.

One of the few traditions I brought from childhood was burning bayberry candles on Christmas Eve. "Burn them to the socket and good fortune will bless your pocket". Of course, with the newest "technology" in candle making, I was up till 5 AM waiting for them to burn down! Fortunately I had good toys to play with!.

Here is a list of the gifts I received from everyone:

Fuji FinePix F20
Books to Check Out - journal
Gardenia eau de toilette
3 1-gig flash drives
Land's End all weather moc
PictureMate print pack
hair dryer
Willow Tree Mother & Daughter
Willow Tree Wonder ornament
Photoshop Elements 5
The Historian
Brother Odd
Hannibal Rising
The Duhks - Migrations
The Beatles - Love
"C" is for Cat mug

One of our traditions is stockings. And they are always filled to the brim. It's actually the most fun part of the evening! Mine contained:

5 votives
8 melting tarts
cell phone top up card
Chillin' With My Gnomies magnet
Body Shop gift card
4 protein bars
white chocolate mocha coffee
3 pairs of socks
lint roller
2 car scents
4 Blistex lip smoothies
2 Body Shop mint lip balms
Cinnamon Bun Heaven body lotion
Sensual Amber shower gel
As you can see, as usual, I am totally spoiled!

We got Karen and Josh an entertainment center and a Papasan chair for their apartment. The rest of their gifts were the luxuries: bath & body stuff, games, movies, books... Gary got some kind of trainer thingy so he can "ride" his bicycle inside. Also some totally expensive sports clothing that he wanted and a certificate for spinning sessions at the gym. Do you see a theme here. And he got his share of books, clothing & sweets.
I made the cats catnip filled fish. They knew there was something under the tree for them and eventually they figured out they each had a bag. Frankie tried to open hers, but Cookie was finally the successful one. They really enjoyed what Santa brought them!

All in all it was a wonderful evening! Our family being together, laughter, and a great time is the best gift for me. I didn't have much of that during my early years, so now I think it's even sweeter!

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