Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Here's Julie! And she was that happy and fun the whole time! Well, except for when the bugs were eating her at dinner! One of the disadvantages of eating outside in Florida in November by a lake! And of course they just loved her!
That's Bianca with Julie. She's such a beauty! And I still can't believe how young she is!

Next is Jan, Julie, and Lyn. Of course we found a picture of William Shatner to pose by!

The other Julie. She was my roomie and what a great gal! Just as nice in person as she is on line!

Well, I came here to update my book list and realized that I left the Florida story just sort of hanging there!
I don't know that I can remember the details I had originally intended to post! Suffice it to say that everyone I met was wonderful and the classes were fabulous. The Expo itself was okay.

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