Monday, November 13, 2006

Here I am again...

....back to my old blog. I'm just way too lazy to set up a whole new one, so I guess I'll just have to deal with the fact that I don't like this new format!

So we'll just fast forward to my life now, which, oddly enough, hasn't changed that much.

I started this month at a Scrapbook Queen Getaway at the Kalahari in Sandusky. Great week-end! The first day, I hit the winery and bought a "six pack", ate grapeleaves and drank some wonderful Reisling. Then at the getaway I taught my first ever class and did make-and-takes. I managed to put in enough hours that I actually ended up with a credit, and that included all the supplies I bought while I was there!

Then I came home for 2 days and flew off to Orlando to Memories Expo and to meet some wonderful Willows. What an experience!

First of all, I flew all by myself for the first time in this life (the time I flew red-eye from California to Ohio in the early 70's just doesn't count!). I went to my SIL's Wednesday evening (got lost, ate, watched Dancing With the Stars, slept) and then she took me to the Pittsburg Airport Thursday AM. The flight to Orlando was so smooth that we actually got in early. Had no problems at all at the airport, got my shuttle and went to the hotel. I was too early, so had to stash my luggage and go to Pizza Hut! I called DH and told him I'm in Florida in a Pizza Hut! Like we don't have those all over Florida! Went back to the hotel and checked in.

Then I met the first Willow: Julie L-B. She looks exactly like her pictures and acts/talks exactly like her posts! She had left me several phone messages, for which she is known. The first one she expressed her shock and dismay (?) at my voice. She thought I would be gruffer and meaner... or something like that. Hmm. Turns out I'm a nice person. Then she left me one while I was on the plane and she was walking to her break at work. Then one when she left the parking lot. And then one when she was driving up to the hotel. Everyone said "I'm so excited" at least 5 times! I'm definitely keeping these on my phone for when I need cheered up!

I met her at the back door. She ran up to me hugged me and said, "I am so excited to meet you and I really have to pee!" And that's Julie...

Then we called Lyn and got her room number so we could go meet her. We pulled into Amerisuites and Julie said she's on the 8th floor. Well, that was somewhat of a puzzle, as the hotel had only 7 floors! The workers at the desk got their laugh for the day while directing us to the Embassy Suites. They gave us the wrong directions, but we found it anyway and it was only like one hotel away from ours! Lyn met us in the lobby and she also looks exactly like her pictures. Although she's not a born and bred Southerner, she is a true Southern Lady! She has the best smile and has a quiet sense of humor that I love!

To be continued...

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