Friday, June 23, 2006

A Little Catching Up

I am so terribly behind on my blogging! So behind that I’m going to have to just do little recaps.

First, the dress. We went back and tried on a third dress. It was even more beautiful than the 2 in the pictures (of course, I didn’t have a camera that time!) and Karen said that was it. The store didn’t have it in her size and would have to order it. Which meant she would have to plunk down the entire price right then and there. Well, she doesn’t have that kind of money all and once, and I didn’t have it then either. So we went without a dress! I felt so bad for her.

The next day, she went dress shopping with one of her attendants who is also getting married. She found more dresses she likes. So who knows…we’ve kind of left the dress search behind for a while…

And now we're looking at caterers. What a rip-off they are!!! First they inflate the prices as soon as they find out it’s a wedding! And then ours will be a small wedding, so the per plate price is higher than if we were having 300 people!

Last week we went to Cape May, New Jersey. What a wonderful time we had! Josh had never been to the ocean. Once he got in, he basically didn’t want to get out! He and Karen spent a lot of time playing in the waves. And Josh even got a boogey board.

Cape May is a beautiful place. They’ve preserved their Victorian heritage so there are beautiful big houses, Victorian Gardens, and lovely shops and restaurants.

We took one day to go to Atlantic City. It was fun! I managed to win a little bit of money on a penny slot, so Gary and I were happy.

This is Sunset Beach. There is a concrete ship that is partially sunken and the beach is covered with Cape May Diamonds, small pieces of quartz rubbed smooth by the ocean. It's a beautiful place, there was a really strange gift shop. Karen and Josh nicknamed the guy behind the counter Captain Spaulding. Google it...and it's the Rob Zombie reference, not the Groucho Marx one!

(Well, I have more pictures to share, but apparently booger, I mean blogger, doesnt' like them!)


This week has been rainy and sort of blah. Karen’s back working 2 jobs. I got out in the garden one day before the downpour. The basement flooded. Life goes on…


Amy said...

Bummer about the dress :( I'm sure she'll look beautiful no matter what she wears. Looks like you had a blast in Cape May!!

Nat said...

Too bad about the dress but hey, she will find a nicer one. And it is really ridicioulus what they do with the prices then they hear it is a weddind.
Love your Cape May picture - gorgeous!

Vicki said...

I know someone who can cater the wedding!!! HINT!! Hope you find what you both are happy with...HUGS!!!

Kay Rogers said...

Sorry about the dress . . . but the right one will come along! Your pictures are so beautiful!!! And thanks for the warning on the beads. I would have repsonded earlier, but I was out shopping for more. ;)

Julie S. said...

So glad you are back to blogging! I love to hear about your adventures! Obviously, the dress that was "the one" wasn't, or you would have had the $$$ and she wouldn't have found more she likes! ;) Funny how it all works out! Best of luck with the rest of the arrangements!