Tuesday, May 16, 2006

My Scrap Nook

Thought I'd share some shots of my tiny Scrap Space. We basically live in a doll house, so there's not a lot of space to spare. I started out having the spare bedroom for my crafts and as a dressing room. But that eventually got eaten up by the addition of Karen's clothes, all her teaching stuff, and things that have no other home. When she moves I have the option of making her room into a scrap room, or reclaiming the original craft room. Thing is, I like my little space! It's in the back of the livingroom, a little 3 box with the computer behind the scrap space, so all I need to do is turn around to use the computer and back to scrap! I think I've done a fairly good job of organizing a lot of stuff into a small space. Of course, I'm not very anal about things being perfect and clean and cute, so some of you may be itching to reorganize for me. My comment? keep your hands off my stuff!
#1-Iris Cart with large drawers for paints adhesives and other stuff. On top, CD drawers with unmounted stamps. BTW, I only use Iris carts and organizers because those Sterlite things eventually buckle if you put any weight in or on them. So the extra money for the Iris brand is well worth it in the long run.

#2-My favorite Iris Cart with the really big drawers and the laminate top. Strong enough to actually use that buried Sizzix machine on top of it. The black (actually dark brown) boxes are CD boxes from the Target One Spot. More unmounted stamps. The other 4 drawers are Iris stackable drawers. Stamps, most used stamping supplies, punches, and supplies needed readily are in those. The idea books are in another Target thing. In the large drawers are my refills for the Photo Mate, photo paper, mailing things, plastic bags, Sizzlets, stamp pads, etc.

#3-Wire racks that used to hold paper. Now they have my chipboard and ribbon on top, tools, flowers and more ribbons and embellishments in 8 1/2x11 plastic boxes, and foam stamps. Next to it is another Iris cart with mounted stamps.

#4-My little table with a view.

#5-Under my table. The basket is full of mini-albums. (Yes, I'm addicted.) The 2 blue things are canvas Fold & Hold containers that I got from QVC. They hold my kits and my patterned paper, organized by manufacturer.

#6-3-shelf wire racks sitting on crates to lift them up off the floor. Makes it easier to get to the bottom shelf. Mostly cardstock, magazines and embellishments in various containers, like a lunch box, a colander, a Kraft Tote and another CD box. (they really are the perfect shape & size and very versatile!

#7-Gary's desk. I am slowing taking over. This is my stuff on the top shelf: cards, books, my Photo-mate.

So, there you are. You can see that I love little decorative containers. Maybe next I'll take pictures of some of my favorites with what's in them. (Like that purple colander that has the work "play" painted on it. It's full of rub-ons!) I mentioned that I will only buy Iris carts. My other requirement, for smaller containers: if it's not cute, it must be clear! It is so much easier to find what I need when I can see through things.

I'd love to hear your comments or suggestions on my space. TFL!


Kristin said...

WHoa what a HUGE stash, Linda! I think it looks really homey. I wonder how much more you could go vertically for storage? Oh, happy belated mother's day!

Amy said...

Holy smoke, Linda!!! You've made a small space very functional, and I'm more than a little jealous of your stash LOL!!