Friday, March 31, 2006

Here I Am!

NOTE: Our Monday Bloggin’ challenge is to list our pet peeves. In my quest to be a more positive person (and the fact that I’ve been in a really good mood lately), I’m going to skip this one. And that will probably be someone’s pet peeve: us folks who are constantly optimistic and finding that damned silver lining! But what can I say…Life for me is Good!

And speaking of good - Goodness! Where have I been!? I didn’t even realize it has been over a week since I blogged until I visited the Scrap Muse message board. There was a message there looking for me! Apparently I hadn’t been there for a while either!

Time just gets away from you, ya know? Even when you’re retired and your days are not packed with schedules, kids & stress!

So, long story short, I have no excuse for not blogging or taking pictures for the challenges I signed up for with all the best intentions! The weather has been beautiful and I’ve been enjoying that. Gary and I went to the park yesterday and did a mile exercise walk. There’s hills and a lumpy road, so this is way more challenging than the treadmill. I certainly hope I find some more stamina soon. A mile really isn’t anything and it didn’t even take a half an hour! But I was bushed! Ah well…it’s my own fault for letting myself get into this condition.

Another great thing about the nice weather is that Gary has been able to ride his motorcycle. I think that’s his very favorite thing to do. He’s always so much happier (albeit more tired!) when he can just ride!

By the way, excuse the rather naughty video if it offends. There’s an off button or you can go on to the next song. I just felt it was time for a change. And I was listening to The Mix on XM radio, this song came on, and I remembered how much I liked it and the video. Am I a 20 year old in a 58 year old head? Sometimes, I do believe. But then it’s probably just the never ending quest for youth mixed in with a dash of denial that I am nearing 60!

I’ve been scrapping a little, too. Playing with my new XPCS! Fun! I love new toys! That and sewing machine #2! (I wish I could get to sewing machine #1…) And I was excited to get an e-mail from someone I met a year ago via Willow Traders. She wanted to hook up to go to a crop at Cord! So we’re going on the 7th! Woo hoo! What fun!

So I’ll try to take some pictures later and do a little catching up. Until next time…enjoy the sunshine…even if you don’t have any!


shirley said...

Hey Linda!! Was wondering when you were going to update!! I love your entries. That video is very cool, I love the song but have never seen the band or the video!

I received the XPCS too but have yet to open it and know I need to this weekend in hopes that mine has no issues lke the others from HSN had.

Have an awesome weekend and remember tomorrow is {Snapshots of Saturday}, how about a pic of you on that dreadmill, LOL!

Amy said...

Great post Linda! The Monday blog things are just a jumping off point to actually get some of us posting again--so don't worry about being off topic. So glad you're having beautiful's been nothin' but rain here :( I love reading your blog!