Saturday, March 18, 2006

Friday Muse Challenge - Pictures of St. Patrick's Day

It's strange that as Irish as I am, I had a hard time coming up with a picture for St. Patrick's day. We went out, but it was to celebrate our wedding anniversary. As I was getting ready to go out, it hit me! We have a Goddess for a Week thing going on at The Muse where every week we send one person lots of little goodies. Nat, who lives in Germany, sent me this pendant. I haven't been a member of the message board that long, and I was impressed that she picked up on my screen name - CelticTrek.

I love this thing, and have worn it practically daily since I received it!

Here's what it means:

The Serpent

Symbol of the Earth Healer.

Symbols of healing and wisdom, serpents live within the depths of the Earth Mother and have mastery of all her secret knowledge and vital forces. Both Brigantia and Sironi, Celtic goddesses of healing, use the serpents' mystical powers to work their cures. Because of their wave-like movements, serpents are also associated with healing waters and scared wells, sources of regenerative powers from within the earth, thus protectors of health and well-being.


mikki said...

beautiful necklace!!! :) great photo of it - very cool!!!

Nat&Jim said...

I'm so happy you like it!!! I love the shot - have a wonderful day,