Monday, November 14, 2005

Shopping & TSO

Every year since her 16th birthday, I've given Karen $300 and we've gone shopping at Beachwood Place in Cleveland. We both look forward to it every year, because it's an opportunity to splurge and just be "girls". I loaded up on Body Shop problems, bought a few things at Sephora (Gingerbread wash, O La Lift from Benefit - for my eyes, not the other things that need lifted, and some new lipstick), candles from Yankee (I can't believe I'm actually buying candles), and some home scent from l'Occitan. We stopped at Godiva to get chocolate covered strawberries, which were scrumptious! They gave us a sample of some new candy that was really good, but felt like it had pop rocks in it! Also showed us this candy that is all hand molded and individually painted. We tasted one and it was to die for! The smallest box has 15 pieces and it's $45. Definitely a gift for someone who would appreciate it!

After the shopping spree we went to PF Chang's. We sat next to a couple who spent the entire evening complaining a berating the waiter. They had moved from the table where the hostess sat them and went to a completely different part of the restaurant. So no one knew they were there and consequently they didn't get the kind of service they thought they deserved. When he first came over to them, the waiter was very nice and attentive, but they continued to be really nasty and demanding. So Karen and I got really good service after that and their's slowly deteriorated. I never can understand why people feel the need to treat others so badly. You don't get anything in return that is positive. And you certainly can't feel good about yourself. Just doesn't make any sense.

Anyway, the shopping trip was a success and we came home very full and happy.


Sunday we went to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra. It was the 2nd time for Gary and me, but Karen's first. As usual the music and the effects were spectacular! I'm so amazed at what they do with familiar music. They have a style that can bring classical music to people who don't think they're classical music fans! And their Christmas music is wonderful!

The concert was held at the new
Youngstown Convocation Center. I should have known when I bought the tix not to get not to get seats on the floor. We were pretty far back and couldn't really see. Also they didn't have very many ushers, and you couldn't identify them as such. I would imagine these are glitches they'll work out as they have more concerts there.

We went to
The MVR Club. Apparently everyone else had the same idea, so we went over to Antone's. What a joke! They had 2 waitresses, a cook, a hostess, a bus person, a restaurant full of diners and a line with 20 people! I watched 2 booths empty out and no one bussed them for 20 minutes! I heard one of the staff grumbling that they never get any business on Sundays. You'd think the manager would keep up on community events and schedule more staff when there are concerts in town. (There were 2 TSO concerts that day!) Now no one will go there after concerts! Anyway, we went back to Hubbard to Frankies and finally ate 3 hours after the concert was over!

In spite of how it reads, it was a good day! Any day that the three of us can spend together is a good one.

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Shawn Gindt said...

Sounds like tons of fun!! I am so jealous about you going to Sephora.. I went there when I was in Vegas and fell in love with the place!!
Have a great day!!