Monday, November 14, 2005

Pucks & Scraps

Catching up...

The hockey game was so much fun! The first 2 periods were questionable, but they finally got it together and won the game! Jeff Christian got goals! It was funny...You can tell Youngstown is just learning to be a hockey town. When he got the 3rd goal, they announced the hat trick. People cheered but no body really did anything. At the 4th goal, for some reason, someone threw their hat, and then others followed suit.

It was great to watch Karen! She gets so wrapped up in the game! She covers her eyes and clenches her fists!

Josh enjoyed his first game. I'm glad that they had so much fun. Gives them something else to do with their spare time...What little bit they have! And it's not that expensive.


The crop was fun, as usual. Drove up early Saturday AM. I tried to finish up the kids' Niagara falls album. I got a lot of it done, but still not all of it. I altered this lunchbox. I love the blue witner paper! I don't know who will get this one.

The resort at Geneva is very nice, but the food pretty much sucked! They did have a nice Sunday Brunch that was included in the cost of the crop, so that made up for everything else, I guess.

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