Monday, October 03, 2005

A Very Tiring Day...Or 2! - Sunday

Yesterday I went to Adventures in Stamping in Cleveland. Karen and I used to go together years ago when they first started having them. I had to be at Cleveland Clinic early this morning, so I figured I'd go to the stamping thing, stay in a hotel, and then I wouldn't have to drive early to Cleveland (with a full bladder...Which is later story!) I had a great time looking at everything and spending too much money! A few things were on sale, but I also think a lot of things had inflated prices! We're all too apt t buy something because we can et our hands on it right away. So we'll pay the extra convention price, rather than order it for less on line but have to wait for it!

what I bought:

2 boxes - 7x8x3 w/a handle and buckle. Called My Box for iFile. I got a baby pink one and a purple one. I'll probably use them to store cards.

From - 2 holiday sets, extra stamps for the holiday set I already have, gold glitter glue, & some paper for inserts in my Christmas cards. I really love working with these stamps and was happy to see them in person!

Stamps from Kidstamps for Karen to use when she's teaching

2 things to make viewers with photos. You know, those things you can buy at the amusement parks that you look through and it magnifies the picture and you can hang it on your keychain? Stocking stuffers for Karen & Josh!

A Corner Adorner Card Creator

A set of alcohol inks, a dauber & extra replacement pads


Petal Points liquid chalk (my 4th set!) & 4 cat's eyes.

Crystal Ballz & adhesives

Besides the Rubberstamp Tapestry ones, I got only one mounted stamp. It says "Things to do...1. Take laundry to dump." I think it will make cute note pads for gifts.

And of course I tried to restrain myself when it came to unmounteds. I noticed that some of them were expensive ad the mounted ones! They used to be so cheap! But I guess since more people are using them.... But I was able to get some that weren't bad...15, to be exact.

It was fun and now that I've gone again, I'll probably go to the one in Akron in April. I may even take some classes at that one!

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