Saturday, October 01, 2005

My First Day As A Blogger

Why do I feel as if I need to say something profound to get this started?!

Today was such a beautiful fall day, I had to find something to do. So Karen and I went to get pumpkins and fall decorations. On our way to the Fruit Farm, we passed a place with a sign that said "Welcome World's Biggest Pumpkin Growers". Well, how could any pumpkin lover pass up a sign like that. So we turned in. We arrived just in time to see them award the prize to the largest pumpkin. Somewhere over 1200#. Can you imagine that?! So we bought pumpkins, Indian corn, gourds, all that stuff. And a new birdfeeder, some bird feed. Oh, as some flowers and bulbs.

After that we went on down to the Whitehouse Fruit Farm and bought fresh apples, corn on the cob, jams, and such. Good Ohio fall fare!

It's so nice to be able to spend a day with Karen now that she's not working every week-end. I think it's good for her and I certainly enjoy it! I'll have to be careful not to take up all her week-ends, though!


Celia said...

YAY!! I'm the first to comment on your new blog!!! Can't wait to read all your happenings!! :D

Shirley said...

What an awesom fall day! A 1200# pumpkin!?! How did they cart that thing to the contest??? Enjoy your farm stand fruits and veggies!

BrandyLogan said...

Holy crap, I could probably live inside that pumpkin! I am so glad to see you blogging Linda. It's nice to get to know ya better :)