Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I'm pretty sad right now...

I went to the anesthesiologist for the final pre-op appointment. The surgeon had said that the surgery I'm having is usually done under "twilight sleep". Well, the anesthesiologist said my weight puts me in a high risk category. They would have to give me a full general anesthetic. The iv would probably go in my neck and they would intubate while I was sedated but awake! I'm so afraid of anesthesia anyway, and this just really threw me for a loop!

I talked it over with Gary and we've decided that I should postpone this surgery and try to loose weight. I figure the surgery isn't something that I have to have immediately. And what puts me at risk, I have some control over!

So maybe this will be the thing that finally makes me get serious about the weight thing!

I'm sad though because I really wanted to have the surgery to get rid of this problem. And also, deep down, I'm not sure if even this will make me loose weight!

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Shirley said...

I am all for a weight loss challenge however, I just need to find the right motivation. I would be in the same boat as you.

Hope you feel better soon.