Thursday, March 08, 2012

Medical Reports and A Cute Little Boy

First, I'll get the latest report from CancerVille (Zynga's newest game?) out of the way.

Went to the Oncologist the unholy hour of 7:30 AM! I am so amazed (though I probably shouldn't be) at how much things have changed since I last had cancer, 20 years ago! After the next surgery, they will send a specimen to a lab in California (if my insurance approves it). There, they will test the cancer genetics. They will put it into 1 of 3 levels:low, medium, or high. Each denotes the chance that the cancer will recur within the next 10 years. If it's a low chance: no chemo. If it's medium, we look at all the factors and decid

e. And if it's high, of course, we go the chemo route.

Also, my cancer is hormone dependent, as was the other. When I was being treated 20 years ago, tamoxifen had just hit the market, and of course I took it, along with Lupron, thereby suppressing all my hormones, so the cancer had nothing to "depend" on. I was wondering how that would work this time, as I haven't had hormones since 1999! Well, I forgot that other parts of my body produce hormones also! They have recently developed drugs that are specifically for post-menopausal women, which I will be taking.'s definitely radiation & oral drugs; the chemo to be determined.

I have to say that I feel about 110% better just having this information! Now if the physician's office would just call to schedule that surgery! I know they're going to schedule it on a date that isn't convenient for me & they're going to have to change it! Just wish they'd do it!

Now...enough ugly. Let's have some cute! And you know what that means! LUCAS PICTURES!!!

He's been binky (or "B" as he calls it) free several weeks now. It was surprisingly easy, and to celebrate his graduation to "big boy" status. He got a cool, grown-up hair cut! Actually, it was more of a present for Dad & Mom, but still...something for him to look back on.

And, of course, I had to take 10 pictures to get a "good" one. Most of them were like this! He's so ornery!

I could go on, but I won't. Suffice it to say, he is the love of heart, the light of my life, and what gets me up in the morning! He has no idea the burdens he has eased during his sweet little life so far!

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Rachel said...

Linda I had no idea you were dealing with this! BIG HUGS SWEETS! Your grandson is absolutely precious!

R :)