Saturday, February 18, 2012

Next step...

Since my recent diagnosis, today is the 3rd day in a row I woke up well-rested & without my waking thought being, "Shit! I have cancer!"

The next step is an MRI, so I've been "trying on " machines. They are built for people who aren't overweight, so it was recommended that look around to find one where I'll be comfortable. However, upon looking at the first one, I remembered I won't be comfortable even if it's the Lincoln Tunnel of MRI machines! Immediately upon stepping into the room, I feel utter panic. (It reminds me of the feelings they talk about on Ghost Hunters, when they measure EMF's!). However, I did find a roomy one and it's nearby. Of course, it's at a Cleveland Clinic lab! Fortunately it's in my insurance network. And I'll ask the doc for a few valium to take the edge off!

Speaking of insurance...the downside of Gary now being on Medicare is that I no longer have a secondary insurance. So I'm being hit with some rather hefty bills! However, once I've paid $2750, the insurance kicks in 100%. That doesn't sound like much...unless you know that my monthly pension is just a whopping $21 more than that! And I'm refusing to tap into savings!

Well, that was boring. Sorry! Wanna hear Lucas play his harmonica? This is his debut performance! We were watching him Thursday evening, and he finally figured out how to play it. He was so thrilled he was willing to take it to bed and let me hold the "B" (binky). Of course that didn't last, but still...

On the creative side, I've been working feverishly to finish a Lafayette afghan. It's a replica of the afghan on Lafayette's couch in First Blood. I'll post of photo when I'm done.

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