Sunday, January 01, 2012

...and miles to go before I sleep...

I've made some fairly easy resolutions to bring in 2012. Oh, I'll be trying the usual: eating better, losing some weight, exercising more, being more financially responsible...but those are things I should be doing anyway, and that I try every year. They no longer merit resolution status!

You see, the last 2 years have been rather difficult. I mean, I hate to complain about my life, as it's a damn good one in general! But we've been through a difficult pregnancy with my daughter (which resulted in the 2nd best thing that ever happened to me), my husbands diagnosis, treatment (stem cell transplant) & remission of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, my total knee replacement, and now I have something growing in my breast that shouldn't be there. So I've tried to keep things on an even keel here, but one thing I know suffered!

Being creative! I used to always be making something, whether it be on the needles or hook, or being slathered with glue and glitter. Now I don't do that all that often. This Christmas, I made a few cards and realized how much I miss it!

So that's going to be my resolution this year: being creative in some way every day. That includes taking pictures, sewing something, finishing an afghan, knitting a new shawl, take some classes somewhere, catch up on some scrapping...whatever.

And that in turn means spending less time on my computer...unless it's for some type of creative pursuit. Perhaps I should say "staying off FB", the greatest time suck ever introduced to woman-kind!

I'll also be making a goal over on Goodreads. Last year I had the same goal (to read 50 books) and made it to 43. So I'm trying for 50 again this year. That's book a week, with some wiggle room for the really long ones, like Under the Dome (1072 pages, and I have the hardback copy!) or The Wise Man's Fear (that comes in at a whopping 994 pages!).

Last but not least (and perhaps the most difficult to do) will be to blog again. You can see by looking back at my "archives" (my piddling posts hardly deserve such a lofty word!), that I've tried that one before. But, I'll find a new design, get some cutesy widgets, and start linking it to Facebook so maybe a person or 2 will read it.



ruth said...

I've missed your posts Linda! :) Glad to see you blogging again. And being creative!

Best wishes for an amazing 2012!!

Rachel V. said...

Happy New Year Linda! And I agree...I need to re-establish some FB time limits!

Deneen said...

Linda, I am so behind in blog reading and I didn't realize all you had been through. My thoughts are with you.

I keep swearing to keep up the blogging and I do, just not as much as I would prefer at all. The phenomenon of Facebook has made blogging almost non-existent, although I do wish those would blog, I am as bad at reading them because I read the stuff on FB. Please, please keep me posted on everything.