Friday, April 03, 2009

I have returned...

Finally! And I'm not even sure where I've been! Well, I've been here, mostly, but why I haven't posted, other than pure laziness, I don't know!

Gary & I celebrated our 31st anniversary last month. We had dinner at The Melting Pot in Cleveland. Poor guy! He's spent half his life with me! Wait! I've spent more than half of mine with him! Hmm...that's just not natural...

I've spent a lot of time with either a hook or pointy sticks in hand. making lots of afghan squares for several swaps and charity projects. And I knitted a little pair of leg warmies. Can't you just see chubby little baby legs in these? I know "he" (poor baby still has no first name!) won't be wearing them for a while, but as soon as I got this yarn, I had to make them!

Karen and I went to a scrap getaway in Columbiana last week-end. We had so much fun! And because it's so close, the boyz dropped us off (after carrying all our stuff into the crop) and picked up us (after loading all our stuff in the car!). And in between they came for Amish lunch at the restaurant! Look how cute Karen and Josh look!

I did 3 layouts at the crop. I've come to a couple conclusions. Although I'm a pretty simple scrapper, I'm a slow scrapper. And I'll never be a Bad Girl. In spirit yes, but in artistic But that's okay. I'm happy! Here's what I did there.

Oh...and I won the centerpiece raffle, too! I got one of these! The best part is that it's something I don't have (imagine that) and that I can really use!

I'm still purging. Unfortuantely, I'm still buying stuff! I was able to get rid of a lot of items at the Queen's Treasure Sale at the crop. I have a box left (I took 5) with some paper (I learned that they'll buy batches of 25, but not 1oo), stamps, and ribbon. The paper will probably go to Jenn for her summer art program at the library.

I have a serious addiction to chipboard, which includes grunge board! While going through it all, I found I had 4 of the nature set. One was Karen's, one was open, and I'm keeping one unopened one. So the other one is up for grabs. The set looks like this:

Leave me a comment and tell me what you love about Tim Holtz! I'll randomly pick a name next Saturday, so post by midnight the 10th.

Since it's Friday (well it's actually 21 minutes into Saturday, but I started on Friday), I'll leave you with Five Faves...

1. Life on Mars.

I know it's over, which is sad. But for once, they wrapped up all the loose ends of a cancelled show. The final episode rocked! What an imaginative story!

2. Graphic 45.

Currently my favorite line of scrapbook paper! Always subject to change, but I think this one is going to be top on my list for a while!

3. Spring.

Yes, it's coming! I even have a few daffodils in my back yard in bloom. And my lilies are all popping up. There is some major clean up that needs to be done!

4. Sephanie Plum.

These books are so not me! And I love them! I just finished Plum Spooky and it was the usual; quirky, smart, funny. I read one of these books once to be polite (someone leant it to me) and I have loved them ever since. They are chick lit without being all about shopping and love and girl stuff. And a nice change from my usual sci fi/fantasy/horror fair!

5. Preparing to be a grandma. Didn't see that comin', did ya?



pink said...

Holy Cow! I've never even SEEN that set of chipboard before....I love it!!! I didn't even know TH had chipboard (can I chalk it up to being busy with house plans???).

I love Stephanie Plum too! Sometimes you just have to read something that literally makes you laugh out loud! :)

Have a great weekend!

Gina de Jong said...

Of course you will ALWAYS be a Bad girl!!!!!!!! Give me that Grungeboard Grandma =)

Happy Anniversary!!!

*SHeRRy B* said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Gary <3!! I would love to play with some Tim Holtz grunge board! My wish is to someday own every single thing he makes! Did you see his studio in Cloth Paper Scissors Studio?

olexer said...

Nice grunge board, I have not seen the nature set either! Tim's products are great, I use his distress inks quite a bit.

I'm going to miss Life on Mars too!

Anonymous said...

Wow Linda...first off I love those leg warmers..what a great idea. Rachel and I are off to an x-tra long weekend crop in3 weeks. It is mega fun to scrap with a daughter isn't it...and your layouts are wonderful.

Butterfly grung it but can't find it at my LSS. I want to try Jen's technique.

So I sure hope I get lucky

Jan (rachelsmom)

Candace H said...

Linda! You surprised me twice today... first by purging beloved grungeboard and second, by reading J. Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series - I love them too! Not your usual style (you & my dh have very similar taste in novels), but am glad you are enjoying them! Don't enter me for the grungeboard, just wanted to say HI!

Anonymous said...

wow what a prize Linda...lucky lady.
I too love grungeboard
Love the gegging and Happy Anniversary.

Jan (rachelsmom)

fairyrocks said...

Hi, Tim Holtz...sigh.....just having a moment here....I love the versatility he offers. The idea that everything isn't nessesarily to be used for what is obvious. I love the layers and grunge and getting my fingers inky with his stuff. I am starting to experiment more with altered artsy things and he fuels my imagination... did I mention if i wasn't already attatched...i'd wanna marry him....another moment here ROFL

Anonymous said...

what a prize lucky lady
I too love grungeboard and I adore those wee leggings you made.
Happy Anniversary

Jan (rachelsmom)

fairyrocks said...

Hi, Tim Holtz...sigh.....just having a moment here....I love the versatility he offers. The idea that everything isn't nessesarily to be used for what is obvious. I love the layers and grunge and getting my fingers inky with his stuff. I am starting to experiment more with altered artsy things and he fuels my imagination... did I mention if i wasn't already attatched...i'd wanna marry him....another moment here ROFL

nandmmom said...

Tim Holtz and Grungeboard...and Free, could it get any better?

Missy said...

What a fab give-away!What I love about Tim Holtz is his techniques and how he shows us how, on his blog through his tags.
By the way.....pick me!

pink4u said...

First of all
Happy Anniversary!!

Secondly...I love the Bad Girl style too..but more importantly we are creating memories for our future generations.. and that is priceless!! (your layouts are perfect!!!) It so much fun to et away and play with paper and glue!!! Hope you had fun!! :)

Have a great weekend!!..
Take care, Joanie;)

Great Faves!!!

Deneen said...

Happy Anniversary-31 years is terrific!

BTW, I live outside the town of Hammonton (where the Plum Spooky took place) and yes, I read the book and honestly, living in the Pinelands, there are some Piney's, but I took umbrage to how she wrote it up (LOL)-incorrectly-the Jersey Devil isn't in this area, but actually 12 miles east of 206 where she listed and yes, I lived in the heart of that area too (Leeds Point, NJ) where Mrs. Leeds had her thirteenth child, who was the Devil and the legend lives on and on and they have Jersey Devil tours around Halloween. Just an FYI.

MaryC said...

Hey, I love your blog! I'll follow you now.
I love TH because he is innovative in his use of products. I also love that he makes stuff that seems hard, really easy.
Now, about that Grandma are not going to believe how fabulous it is. I just know how full my heart felt when each grandson was born. It is amazing. Congrats to you.

silvia said...

Linda~ Happy anniversary to you and Gary! LOVE the LO's you made at the crop :) Very cool that you won the centerpiece. Love the Fab grungeboard that you are RAKing.What I love about Tim Holtz is his LOVE for the art of crafting and his talent and teaching skills.

aprilrhyno said...

I've not seen that set before!!
I love anything by TH, especially free grungeboard!!


Aeify said...

I love grungeboard...and I have to try to get lucky again!! Thanks for the giveaway!!!

Thomisia said...

I've never had any grungeboard but I'd love to.

Congrats on the grandbaby!!

KweenScrapper69 said...

hey ..timz HOT! *lol*

Dawn Hueser said...

Happy Belated Anniversary to you and your Hubby.

What do I love about Tim Holtz.......

Do you have enough space for me to really start.

I love that he is a man and that this past weekend when NO1 son (23) saw it he stopped and watched for an hour. Then he asked me how much it would cost to get the stuff, I told him that I had it already. Then he asked me to let him know when I was using it because he wanted to see if he could alter some of his models with it.

I love that No2 son stopped and paid attention when he discovered that Tim was making $$$$$$ by expressing his creativity. He asked if he could do it to and I told him that he could do anything if put his mind to it. He then asked me what Scrapper's needed that we didn't have.

I love that when I use his products on my projects it makes people literly stop in their tracks to look closer.

I love that when I open my case of inks and toys I get lost in creativity for hours on end.

Most importantly to me, he comes across as real and sincere. There are no airs or pretenses and that is awesome in such a high profile career.

Jennifer Moore said...

I LOVE that set of grunge cool! What I love about Tim Holtz is his creativity and ingenuity...he always seems to be a front runner with new products and ideas! :)

Tami: aka Michigirl74 said...

You're so sweet with your RAK.. you don't have to enter me in I wanted to pop on to tell you hiya! and congrats on the upcoming baby.. and 31 years?? AWESOME job!!


Diana said...

Congrat's on 31 years!! That's FABULOUS!!
LOVE your LO's too-
Found your blog on WT, I too am a Timmy fanatic! My favorite is to take the grungeboard, paint it, sand it and glimmer mist it!! Ohh, too fun!

Melanie Stanczyk said...

Are you serious, what I love about Tim Holtz!


I'm working on collecting everything he has. This is one of this things I'm missing.

Part the reason I finally got high speed internet was to watch his videos-seriously. I told my DH we need faster internet so I can watch Tim, he's like "what???, Tim who?"

Congrat's on the upcoming Grandma title!

Karen said...

I love Tim Holtz esp the distressing inks! I don't think I have seen that nature set! Too cute!

Anet said...

Wow! Beautiful grungeboard. I hadn't seen it either.
I am so not a Bad Girl but I definitely am a 'Wannabe'!
I love Tim Holtz stuff because he brings a manly touch to scrapbooking and I don't think there is enough of it in this hobby.

ahiltz said...

Karen and Josh look so happy! I am so excited for them and you! Those knited socks/leg warmers will be so adorable on their little boy! :) Tim Holtz is so darn creative and artistic! He comes up with the coolest gadgets and gizmos in the craft art world! That grungeboard you are giving away looks fabulous! I don't own much of it and that looks like a neat set to work with! That was very generous of you to rak it off! :)