Friday, January 09, 2009

Weigh in day, etc.

It's the dreaded WW weigh in day. Even though I don't go to the meetings (not a support-group type), I still felt a bit of trepidation. I worked pretty hard this week; and I felt an obligation to tell Gary of my progress (or lack thereof). He's been so supportive. You know he's my chef, and usually I just leave it to him. And he cooks like a man who goes to spinning class 3 days a week. Lot's of potatoes (which I love), mayo (which I love) and pasta (which I love). But this week he's been adapting everything for me. He's even refrained from throwing out the packaging form all the frozen veggies and such so I can figure my points! So, back to task: I weighed myself this AM, entered it on the site, and I lost 4.5 pounds. That puts me up to a total of 6! Yay ME!!! I got one of their little stars with a 5 in it. I don't know why that gave me so much satisfaction, but it did! So off to start another week!

Now to ramble (of be quite! The blog is Ramblings of an Old Lady, so what do you expect?!) -

I mentioned Gina's blog. Thanks to her I'm back to reading labels. It's scary stuff! But then, I always did enjoy horror and science fiction!

I just read on another blog that Paris Hilton is introducing a craft line. Hmmmm. I'll give it a chance. I'm always up for something new. But I just can't picture her sitting at a scrap table surrounds by old photos and bits of paper with a glue stick in one hand and a crop-a-dile in the other!

We're under a winter storm warning until 1 AM. Of yippee! We all know how I love snow! (For those of you who don't know how I love snow, that last statement was dripping with sarcasm.) It must be serious because the next town over has already invoked a snow emergency starting at 3 PM, which means no cars parked on the street. And it hasn't even started to snow yet! Prediction of up to 9" inches of snow, followed by a week of temps in the teens! Oh well! At least Gary is home this time. I vividly remember 2 winters when I was snowed in when he was gone. Once, Karen was still young and he was in Atlanta!! And the most recent one, I was alone and he was in Florida!

I saw this today and fell in love! I picked up a decorative dress form at a flea market this summer, and it's been sitting on a table waiting for inspiration. I think I will shamelessly steal this idea and create my own angel! I'll post it if I do!

Cookie is doing well. She isn't eating much. But I keep shoving medicine in her mouth one way or another (2 capsules get sprinkled on her food, 2 pills get shoved in her mouth, and 2 liquids get squirted down her throat!), so it's no wonder. She's drinking water and using the litter box. And she's back to jumping up on the bed to sleep. So I'm not too worried.

Till next time...


Rachel said...

YAY on the weigh in! and great to see you blogging again!

Carolyn said...

Yay Linda! Congrats on the weight loss. We are hunkered down waiting to get snowed in too. We have a stack of movies to watch, lots of coffee and hot chocolate and I have a pile of papers to grade. :)

Lyn said...

Congratulations Linda! 6 pounds is awesome!!!

Wendy Rago said...

Yayyyy for you Linda on the weigh in!!! It is good to hear that Gary is being so supportive of you...gotta love that! I hope your kitty is going to be okay...take good care of her! Talk to you soon and stay warm...I am worried about all that snow! xoxoxoxo