Friday, January 23, 2009

Everybody's Doing It...

...Or at least my favorite ladies over at Bad Girls are. So not to be one to be left behind, I'm going to start doing my Fave Five Friday. As Dena said, "Just something fun to do that helps keep the focus on the good things that happen in our week."

1. My favorite thing this week had to be the Inauguration! I am so filled with a new sense of hope for the country...and most of all for my daughter and her family. No politicking here...just had to put it out there.

2. Losing weight! I've lost another pound which puts me over the 10# mark! Yay!! I think the best thing is how relatively easy it's been.

3. Spending time with this girl! She and her husband and their dog were over Sunday, with a special request for tacos for dinner. They did some laundry and it was getting late and it wasn't finished, so Karen decided she'd just come back over on Monday to pick it up. So Daddy took us all out to lunch at one of our favorite local deli's, Kravitz's. (I know...that's a St. Patrick's Day ad. But they don't have a web site!)

4. All the beautiful CHA products we're getting tempting peeks of! Need I say more?!

and this last one is a bit weird, but...

5. Cortisone shots! You all know I have fairly severe osteoarthritis and am in constant pain. Nothing I can't deal with, but it's there. Then over Christmas my left knee started to really HURT! I couldn't go up and down the steps (which meant that dear, sweet Gary had to add laundry to his already large list of domestic duties) and it was really difficult getting in and out of the car. So I found a new Orthopedic doctor and went to see him Wednesday. Appears I've developed yet another spot of arthritis in my knee. That makes 3, and apparently that's about as many as you can get! He gave me a cortisone shot in the knee (I'd never had one before and made a total fool of myself, thinking it was going to really, really hurt...which it didn't) and I can't believe how much better I feel! Take that, sucky pain!



Gina de Jong said...

Love the faves.....glad your knee is feeling better!!!! I am so glad the weight is coming off and that it is more of a change in eating versus a struggle of not eating, kwim? AWESOME!!!!

JessicaLynn said...

I wish you all the luck with your 2009 goals and things! I know that a few of them are the same with me! :)

Jessica Lynn