Saturday, January 03, 2009

back in blogland...

I just read my friend Gina's blog entry, and decided I should get back to the blog, too! So many times throughout my day I think, "I should blog this!", but, alas, I never do. I'm never sure how many people actually read this, but I guess that should really matter.

Now, you all know I tend to ramble, so ramble I will....

Is this just the BEST idea? Hand Warming Gloves! It so simple! Now, if you're in Florida, you probably don't see the charm. But my Michigan ladies will think this is truly a nifty idea! Yet another thing to add to the PTD (projects to do) list!

Speaking of projects, here are some things I knitted for holidays gifts. I think they were appreciated.

A purse for Karen.
A scarf for Nicole.
and a shawl for Ginny.

And I made some cards this year too.

Here are some random shots of Christmas.

A last worrisome note: Cookie, my old lady cat, is very sick. We took her to the emergency vet and he said it's hard to know as her symptoms don't point to any one thing. It seemed that everything he said pointed to the fact that she is 19 years old. We brought her home and will take her to our regular vet Monday morning. I'm hoping to wake up tomorrow morning to her incessant "feed me" howling!


Julie L-B said...

You're right!! The need for handwarming gloves is not too great here in FL, but I LOVE the purse. And the colors of what you are making now are beautiful!!

I hope Cookie is doing better. I know how it is with older cats. My wishes for a hungry and healthy kitty.

Rachel said...

Look at all the pretties you made!!! I was a total slacker this year on gifts AND cards. LOL

Great pic of all of you, and I'm sorry about Cookie. Keep us updated.

Oh....and I'm mailing your catalog tomorrow. I hibernated all weekend. LOL

denean said...

Hi Linda!! Great to see your projects (and you!) - love that purse!