Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Who knew....

It appears it's my blogaversery! I never would have known had I not been wished a happy one when Teena from Toronto responded to my banned books post! I've been doing this for 3 years!

Things are pretty busy the last few weeks, it seems. Karen and I went to a crop in Pittsburgh last week-end. It was really fun! The hotel was great; we sat at a table full of really fun and sociable ladies; and I didn't come home with aches in every joint in my body! AND, we found Rosie's Pirogi, so had a week-end filled with good home-made comfort food! I completed a project book for Kelli. It's a Bo Bunny Disney album kit. Of course, I gave it to her before I took any pictures. But it's really cute! Finished only 2 other layouts and part of another one. For a rather casual, non-obsessive person, I sure can stare at a layout for a long time!

Leaving for Mohican tomorrow for our usual fall camping trip. While there, I'll be dragging Gary to Prairie Peddlerr. It's his one craft event a year. He seems to sort of enjoy. He gets to follow the map and guide me around...a real guy thing,as whenever yo go to one of these, that seems to be what most of the men are doing! And there's always good blue grass or Western swing music, which he likes. I'm hoping to stock up on candles and soap.

The best news I've gotten for a while is that Nicole and Justin are getting married! That made me so happy. She's such a love and he seems to be the perfect guy. And they both are really cool, cultured people. And they put up with crazy old Aunt Linda, which is always a plus!

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Kathy said...

Was looking through knitting groups on Ravelry and found the one from KSU. I too am an old hippie from "back in the day". Lived in Korb Hall spring of 69 and was on campus during May 4th, or I should say was in jail (curfew violation - damn marshal law). My claim to fame was also knowing Joe Walsh and sharing an apartment with his 1st ex-wife. I feel we have much in common. Ya gotta love us old liberals!!!!