Tuesday, September 02, 2008

This has been a rough season for working in my beloved flower garden. To be quite truthful, the weeds took over much of it and I just couldn't do anything to prevent it. Gary did the best he could, but it was just too hard to tell him what to do when I couldn't physically help.

Several years ago I brought home a small pot of native cone flowers from the Elizabethan Gardens in NC. Little did I know how they would grow....and grow...and grow! However, while in bloom they attract bees and when they go to seed the finches love them. So they have been providing entertainment. My first thought when I was able to get outside one day was "Back Yards Gone Wild". And I knew it would have to be a layout!

Willow Traders is having a challenge - LEO under the Willow Tree. LEO = a Layout Every Other day! The first challenge was to scrap lift from a gallery. Of course, I went right to the BG gallery. I'm always so drawn to Tracie Hudson's work. She did this layout that I really love, and I still had most of the kit, so I pretty much lifted the whole thing! I don't usually do that, but I just couldn't improve on this one or make it more to my liking. So -->>



Rachel said...

Absolutely love this LO !!!!

The SITS Girls said...

SO cute!!

kris said...

this is too cute! Love the title!

kris said...

ps you won something on my blog!