Sunday, November 25, 2007

Martha ornaments

I have to admit that I really like Martha's work. Stewart, that is. I love her magazine. My favorite special occasion cookies to bake are a Martha recipe. And I want to live at Turkey Hill. However, I do, at the same time, find her rather annoying! I DTV'd her craft marathon on DIY Thanksgiving day (or was it HGTV?). I've been watching bits and pieces of it, and she really is rather pompous and supercilious. She tends to interrupt and contradict her guests. I often wonder why she bothers with guests, as she seems to know how to do everything any way. That being said, I put her on mute, and watch. If it's a project I can't figure out, I turn it on and put on my patient face.

So...Gary carried up all the tree trimmings, and also brought up my craft ornaments...the clear, empty glass balls. Well, I Marthed of them. Here is one that first covered with mini crystal beads. I didn't like the bumpy look, so I sprayed it with Solar Gold Radiant Rain. Still not quite good enough, so I got out my favorite glitter, Sparkling Snow and gave it a dash. Voila!

This one I tried with my Diamond Dust. It needed something, so Sparkling Snow to the rescue.

An all green one.

And one dripping red.

I had recently picked up at M's a pack of Martha die cut ornament cards. It came with 6 die cut ornaments, cards, envelopes, 3 little samples of glitter, and glue. So I did this one with old scrapbook paper and, you guessed it, Sparkling Snow.

And this one I did with the blue glitter that was in the pack.

I wonder if Martha goes to bed with glitter on her pajamas that transfers to the sheets?


Meredith said...

I love your ornaments, Linda!

Susie said...

lovely ornaments! terrific job