Thursday, November 15, 2007

The day between

Last night's dinner was a success! We went to Combine Brothers. It's a locally owned family restaurant, so the food is ever so much better than Olive Garden (which IMHO is excellent). And the portions are huge! There is always enough to bring home for lunch and another dinner.

Had an MRI for my spine yesterday. First one and I wasn't thrilled with the experience. I don't do well doing nothing, which is basically what I had to do for a half an hour. Next time I'll know to bring my Shuffle and ask for a blanket! But it's over with and hopefully we'll find out what's going on. Actually, I'm starting to feel better. My back seems to be a little less fragile, but my shoulder blade feels like something is crawling around in there! That's the only way I can think of to describe it. It doesn't hurt; it just feels weird!

So today's the day between our birthday's. Tomorrow I'll be 60. I feel like I should be writing some big philosophical statement, but I'm not inspired! I don't feel 60 and I certainly don't think I look 60! But I am (or will be). I have a blessed life, so what more could I hope for? And today's the one day I get to be 2 years young than Gary! LOL!

Here's another card I made. It can be a holiday card or just a wintertime note card. The 2 bigger snowflakes are cut from a Sizzlets die and the sentiment is a rub-on mounted and raised. There's lots of glitter you can't really see well, all around the edged and on the bigger snowflakes.

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Chrissy Le said...

I know where Combine Brother is! Either that...or they must have more than one locations...

Your DH is adorable and that plate is making me hungry!

I had an MRI once...I took my MP3 player with me, and slept through the whole thing! :)