Monday, August 06, 2007

Meet June

...our newest Pound Puppy family addition. As soon as the kids got back from their honeymoon, they started a hunt for a dog and finally found this one at the county dog pound...on death row! She's the sweetest, calmest little thing. Very well mannered. She came over tonight to meet us and the cats, who weren't thrilled. In fact, Frankie scared the poor dog. Buy by the end of the evening things were fairly calm.

I'm so proud that they adopted this little honey!


Rachel said...

Welcome June! Such a cutie. And now the cats are going to have to compete to see who gets up front and center on Linda's LOs. LOL

shirley said...

Aw, June is a wonderful grand-doggy!!

Linda, so glad you are attending Scrap Etc., I am looking forward to meeting you!!

Radona said...

love that brindle coat, so very cute and what a sweet face! congrats on the newest addition!