Wednesday, May 23, 2007

2 things...

I have come to the conclusion that I am in the middle of a major life changing event! Thus explains the random tears followed closely by wanting to tear someones heart out! So it looks like a visit to friendly Dr. Thom for a dose of Mother's Little Helper is definitely in order here soon. No one around me deserves this! Nor do I , for that matter.

2 things have made me smile today. They're totally unrelated but oddly similar. It seems that other people's creativity is often a well of happiness for me. But here they are: Neil Gaiman's Journal - it's all delightful, but scroll down to the You Tube thing. And Elsie Flanagan's Blog. She's just damned cute and everything she does makes me smile! Of course, Neil's no slouch!

So that is a weirder side of me.

Oh, and my camera is eating batteries. The squirrel (notice I didn't say "a" squirrel) is in the bird feeder on the window, so I decided to use him (her?) as a test subject. Obviously, he no longer has a healthy fear of man! And Frankie has totally lost sight of her role as chief huntress and protector of the bird feeders!


Rachel said...

(((Hugs))) Linda on making it through the next two months without either a nervous breakdown or a murder conviction. Just do whatever it takes!!! LOL And those pics of the squirrel and your lazy cat are too cute!

Nat said...

Linda- so good to read you!!! Love those cute photos - LOL - they are so funny!