Saturday, March 03, 2007

Wedding Update

Well, it seems like things are moving along.

We picked out a florist at the Wedding Expo that we thought would be reasonable and whose displays seem our style. We went for an estimate and she had beautiful flowers exactly the colors and styles we were looking for. And best of all, the estimate came in under our maximum! So we'll be sending in that deposit soon. Flowers will be lavendar and vintage pink roses, some greenish and/or cream hydrangias, and I forget what all else. But all Karen had to do was tell her what she had in mind and she seemed to be able to bring it out! Karen's bouquet will be a tight rounded style (no big long droopies) and the attendants will have pomanders. My corsage will probably be the lavendar roses or maybe something off-white. And the guys will have one rose. Since the wedding is in a rose garden, we don't need flowers for the ceremony. And the hall is part of the rose garden, so there will be fresh flowers there. However, we're going to have square bowls of peonies on the tables and in the bathroom. They'll have little tea lights around them.

The "missing" bridal attendant finally contacted Karen. I haven't gotten the full story on that yet, but she did leave a message saying she ordered her dress. So we have 3 attendants and apparently Josh has a best man!

The room for the shower is reserved. It will be at Selah in Struthers. It's a little French bistro. I've never been there, but Karen loves it. And the menu sounds yummy. We part of the favors and gifts. Today, hopefully we'll decide on the format for the invitations. I'm probably making them, so that will entail at trip to the scrapbook store for paper and such (oh! woe is me!!).

We have a limo, an alternate place for pictures should it rain, jacuzzi suites for out of town guests, a dress for me, a caterer...

Tonight we're trying a restaurant that is a potential for the rehearsal dinner - C. Staples'. It's a bar-b-cue restaurant. Sort of a legend in Youngstown. A long time ago it was one of those carry-out places on Belmont. Now it's a restaurant down-town near the Chevy Center. Karen wants the rehearsal dinner to be fun, not formal. So we'll see how this one pans out.

This is really a lot of work and organization! I'm so glad I have the time to help Karen out. She's stressed so much at work that having to make all the phones calls etc. would just probably blow her away. She's joined Curves with a friend and that seems to be helping and she's really enjoying it! I just know that as much as I'm looking forward to "the big day", I think I'll be glad when it's over.


And on another note: income tax refund time is bringing -

a new scrap table

a Garmin Street Pilot

and a week end at Seneca Niagara Casino to see Steely Dan!

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Leah said...

Woohoo Linda.
The dress and flowers are just gorgeous! It's getting closer :)