Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Rockin' the Casbah...

...well, not exactly, but...

First let me start off by saying I do not like this beta version of blogger and I wish I could figure out how to change back to the old one! I can't use Blogger for Word and I can't post comments using my blogger account! Half the time pictures won't download, and if they do, then they don't load when you click on the blog! Oh, and I can't just click on a page anymore to include it as a hyper-link! What is up with that!! So far I don't see any benefits to me of this new program. It sucks!!


Gary and I went to State College Sunday to see Bob Dylan's concert.

Of course Elana James was fantastic. The Continental Two has expanded to the Continental Two + One, as she has added Whit Smith back to the group. I'm glad as I miss his vocals. This new guy is good, but his voice doesn't seem to be strong enough to me.

Junior Brown was okay, but I didn't really enjoy his music. You know...lyrics like "you're wanted by the law and my wife thinks you're dead." For real! That one of the songs he sang! He is an excellent musicial, but too jazzy for me. I actually fell asleep! Can you imagine being able to fall asleep in a very loud concert!

What can you say about Jimmie Vaughn? It's too bad his reputation has to be established by the fact that he's Stevie Ray's brother! I could have listened to a whole concert of just him.

And then there's good ol' Bob! Image Hosted by ImageShack.usHe is by far one of the strangest and most wonderful musical poets I've ever heard! The concert was all old songs...but all re-invented with new updated music. If I didn't recognize the opening chords, which were often the same or similar, I had to listen for the lyrics to know what he was singing! It was a wonderful evening for me, a "true fan"!

We drove home Monday and rested a bit. Then took some things over to Karen's. They have their apartment a little more together and got a new couch. It's starting to look like home!

We left K's and went to the Canfield Fair. I wish I would have taken my camera! I've seen so many food booths in my life! Gary and I basically ate our way up and down several midways! Then we had free tickets to the concert that night so saw Peter Frampton. Very good. Lots of songs to bring back lots of memories and he's still very high energy and entertaining. But the question remains...what happened to his hair? We left before Foreigner came on. I mean, enough is enough!

So that's my holiday! It was fun and obviously entertaining. Now back to being lazy retired people! LOL!

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