Friday, June 30, 2006

Of Friday, books, OT & Karma

Friday…it’s funny how that word has lost its significance since I’ve retired.  Now it’s just another day for me!  But…

Gary and his friend Duke are riding their bikes on one of the local Rails to Trails paths.  He left and 9:30 AM.  He should be home soon, all tired and sweaty but happy!  He loves riding his bike and always as some little adventure to tell when he gets home.

I went to my 2nd water aerobics class at noon.  It was so much better than the first one!  There were only 5 of us and the instructor.  And the pool wasn’t full of little screaming kiddos!  I think I’ll stick with this class for while.  I know one of the ladies form my LSS, so that always makes it more fun – when you know someone.  

I keep thinking about some terrible stuff that happened to one of my cyber-friends over at Willow Traders.  Won’t go into here, except to say, some people are so mean-spirited!  They need to make other people miserable, and this one decided to do it through my friends, family and small child!  What this other person doesn’t realize apparently, that, as they say, “Payback’s a bitch!”  She will get back what she has given ten-fold.  Mom always used to say that the crows always come home to roost.  So if you give good, ya get good.  But if ya give evil, watch out!  I just wish I knew who this coward is so I could watch her payback!

But I guess we’re having an on-line party tonight at WT.  That will be fun.  I started a layout last night and have some in my head.  They’re all for the Cape May book.  But I’m running out of the paper I’m using for it.  It’s from the fun kit from ScrapHype.  If you’re not familiar with this club, go check it out!  It is my new love!  (Don’t worry, Leslie!  The Muse will always be my first and best love!)  Anyway, I think I have other yellow and bright paper to continue on with the book without having to buy any more paper.

Aarrgh!  That just made me think of what happened yesterday.  I bought a copy of Clean and Simple the Sequel and started reading it at OT yesterday.  I really like it and it’s a beautiful book.  So I come home and throw it on the table.  Bad habit this family has!  Karen came home from training and threw her stuff on the table.  She had the Market Day lunch bag and something in it either leaked or melted.  Not just a little bit either.  Like a gallon!  (Well…maybe not).  And guess what it was sitting on!  My book was demolished!  I tried to salvage it, but it sat in the water so long that the cover came unglued and every single page was wet.  I was so mad!  So I had to order another copy of the book.  Which, in effect, blew my no spending challenge!

Speaking of OT:  when I went yesterday, the therapist showed me how to wrap my leg.  Looks lovely and I can only wear flip flops and my slippers.  Which is okay since I go barefoot most of the day anyway.  So today I unwrapped my leg before swimming.  Oh My Gosh!!  I couldn’t believe it!  My leg was actually a normal size!  I could tell because there was this little curve going down to my ankle!  I am so excited!  I guess this is really going to work!

Of books:  I’m sure you’ve noticed my list of books I’ve read this year so far.  And I’m sure you see that with few exceptions we have theme:  mystery, fantasy, horror, action.  So I decided to read The Devil Wears Prada.  I figure if it’s good enough for Meryl Streep it was good enough for me!  What was I thinking!?  I cannot read this kind of fiction!  I read 50 pages (well, there was a lot of skimming and skipping involved) and realized nothing exciting had happened yet.  So it is now stashed under my night stand and I started a Peter Straub book.  Phew!  What a relief!


Amy said...

So glad the water aerobics and OT are working, WooHoo!! Totally bummer about your Cathy Z. book :( As for the WT thing...makes me so sad and angry that someone would go "there". I read "Devil Wears Prada" cute, but it takes a bit to get into it. I could totally relate though, because I swear they modeled the boss character after my old boss LOL!!

Christina said...

I can't believe what happened to your CZ book. That's a total bummer.

Um........The Devil Wears Prada.......I wanna read it. It's just my speed. LOL!

Radona said...

so happy the pt is working. it is wonderful that it is working for you. and how do you like the compression machine?

your reading tastes crack me up! i try to watch your list because we read a lot of the same things! have you read the undead series? too funny!

shirley said...

Hi Linda!!

Love that you are doing water aerobics, what a great, cool way to get some exercise in!

Sorry about your new CZ book, but you did the right thing in ordering a second book, hers are my all time favorite books!!

Not sure what is up with the WT thing but that is just awful..Karma, now that can be a b*tch, she'll get hers.

Saw superman today but also want to see "Devil wears Prada too!!

Have an awesome weekend!!

Amanda said...

I'm so glad the therapy is working for you - that's great news!

And I am TOTALLY with you on the Devil Wears Prada. Hated that book and now I don't want to see the movie...