Monday, December 19, 2005

Christmas is Comin'

By bits and pieces, I'm getting it together here.

I've finished the shopping, which is a good thing, since I've also finished the money! I still have that MC that I was supposed to use once... But I used it way too many times already!

I wrapped a few small packages today and put them under the tree.

And I've baked -
fudge (one unsuccessful batch, one success - thank you Rachel Raye)
holiday cake (sort of a pound cake made with pecans, marachino cherries, and lots of butter and cream cheese)
dipped Oreos
rum balls (these are still "marinating")
I had to put everything in the fridge and freezer off limits to the Sweets Monster, aka Gary!

And all the grocery shopping is done, except for the seafood. This years Christmas eve menu will be the usual:
steak for Josh & Gary
crab legs for me & Karen
crab stuffed lobster tails for me & Gary
baked potatoes
some kind of veggie
dessert wine
We'll be eating later than usual because Josh has to work and close the store. That's okay, though. He feels bad, but I told him there were many years when Gary & I didn't get our dinner till well after 9 PM, as Karen had a hard time going to sleep because of the wait for Santa! Just so we're all together. That's the best part!

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shirley said...

Sounds YUMMY! Enjoy!