Tuesday, October 18, 2005

ThoughTs - Outside my window

Sometimes I just stand and look out the kitchen windows into the back yard. Everyday and every season brings something new to look at. There are always the many seasons of my garden. And the wildlife!

We were just able to start feeding the birds again. (Living in boonies + state forest nearby = black bears eating from your bird feeders!) They're discovering the bounty once again and couldn't be happier! The gold finches have hung up their bright yellow summer coats and are now a dull green. But they are fiesty as ever, trying to be the sole proprieter of the Nijer Cafe!

In the past (pre-black bear!), I've had at least 6 cardinal couples frequenting the feeders. They all left when I had to take them down, but I noticed one female checking out the area a couple days ago. And then yesterday there was a male. So hopefully they'll come back and bring their friends.

I don't know exactly why the birds fascinate me so and make me so happy! I think part of it is the infinite variety of their species. Everyone has a different color, size, beak shape, song! And I think it's their freedom! How wonderful it would be to be able to just...fly!

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Shirley said...

Oh, I love watching the birds too! The Bears however, would scare me! We get humming birds, hawks, finches, and a bunch of crows here.